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We live as naturally as possible. Not because of any crazy reasons just because it makes sense. We will be posting recipes and ideas of how to get the best bang for your buck while maximizing the output from your land. I will be sharing my experiences with canning and putting up items.


What we do

We soon found out that living the country life was an expensive one. We knew that we needed to spend as much time here as possible so we couldn’t have full time jobs. So what could we do?

While living in town I did some selling on eBay and on fb to earn some extra cash and found out I was pretty good at it. So one night Christopher saw Storage Wars on TV. Annnnnd he was sold. We would now become professional junk people.

We have created a fb group that sells the wares that we uncover while buying storage units at auction. Chance’s Thrift was born. ┬áBecause we live so far out we deliver to different towns on different days. This gives some people that live in small towns the chance to get some great bargin without driving to the big city.

This affords us the opportunity to spend the time needed to build our lives and still pay the bills.


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