Christmas Day 2016

I am Christine and my other half is Christopher. I am from Rome, New York and Christopher is from Yuma, Colorado. We live on the Koester Homestead in Padroni, Colorado.

We lived in a little apartment in town and had big dreams of this perfect place to spend our future. One day while having a Netflix marathon I happened to see an ad for a country home on a random for sale site. I gave the number a call using my most professional New Yorker voice. After about half an hour the post dissapeared.  Christopher insisted I call again.

I called again and the owner accidently answered. I thought I had said everything right. After all I was using my New Yorker voice. The owner reluctantly asked me if I knew where to go. I informed him “but I have gps”. I could all but hear him shaking his head at me. I gave in and told him my other half worked for a local irrigation company and he knew those back roads good.

Magic happened right then! “Who is your other half?” Well Christopher of course. Oh the excitement. I put him on speakerphone and listened to them figure out how they knew each other and how Christopher had actually worked for him in the past.

We asked if we could come up and see the place. We also explained how we were looking for a place we could make our forever home. Come to find out we were exactly what he had wanted and 2 days later we were moving in and the Boonie Loonies began.

I’m 39 years old and Christopher is 35. I have 3 wonderful children who attend school in other states. I am awaiting not so patiently for grandchildren. Until then I fill my ranch with animals that need my love. Christopher does not have any human children.

We have big dreams and ideas for this place. I think we are still young enough to get them all done in time. However I feel the years creeping up on me pretty fast since we have moved in. Thank goodness for his teenage energy he still holds onto.

I would like to tell you about Our goals however we still haven’t decided on what the end plan is. So far my goals are to be able to live here and be able to pay all the bills by what’s inside. Christopher would like 50 goats a couple hundred head of cattle a few horses a camel and who knows what else. We are slowly getting closer to his goal and further away from mine but we are happy. Tired but happy.

We run Chance’s Thrift an online Thrift Shop out of the Quonset from buying storage unit auctions. We get to spend lots of time at home and have the flexibility when we need it but it is hard work. But not as hard as ranching as I am quickly learning.

We won’t say no to any animal that needs a home!