I have never seen a Porcupine. Or the damage that they can do. Well I have now.

Those 2 little adventurists I have decided to go off for another wonder and must have came across a porcupine. I know this because when we got home this evening Belle had quills in her poor face and mouth. At first it looked like straw but I could just tell by looking in her eyes something wasn’t right.

I immediately called the vet and left a message. Christopher at least was home this time and he said he could do it himself so we tried. He pulled the first one and blood went everywhere. Nope I can’t do this. I called Mark, the neighbor, and he didn’t answer. I swear how did I make it to 40 without ever having to do these things.

I read everything I could find online and everything says go to the vet. Well sometimes this just isn’t an option. And there is no way that all the other guys run to the vet every time this happens. There must be a way!

I started to brush out Belle and get her calm so we could take a look and they were inside of her mouth oh it was awful. The Vet called back and said we could do this ourselves if we could. And at 8 at night and where we live that is the best option really. There is no way I’m going to be Man enough to do this.

Mark also called back and his sons were home if we needed some man power but of course Christopher would have none of that. We could do this. Crap. So we got down there and got the pliers out and started pulling them out of her face. All in all little Belle did pretty good. She let us for the most part work on her but those inside ones she just wasn’t having.

It took a little wrestling and some fighting and some crying but we sure did get it done. Here is what I now know. We did everything the exact opposite of what the internet told us.  We did call the Vet and I would recommend any vet to do this rather than Me. It was tough, not because we couldn’t physically do it but because it sucks to watch someone you love so much hurt over and over again at your own hand.

We cut the ends off of the quills. There is a little hallow part and that helps them to come out easier. Next we pushed them in just a hair before pulling them out. This lets them untwist and straighten themselves out before coming out. You have to make sure that you pull in the direction that they went in, or they won’t come out they will rip.

I had a hard time with this one also but you need some sturdy pliers to pull them out. Those suckers are really in there. The one part that Christopher and I disagree on is he yanked them out like it was his job. I pulled and let Belle pull away the rest. I’m not as firm handed as he is I guess. But both ways did work.

Well I hope no one ever reads this and has to use any of this info because they have had it happen to them.