It’s funny how my animals know more than I do. It’s like when nurses talk about the quiet days in a hospital. Something is gonna happen, but never sure what or when. This is the day I had yesterday. I had a visitor coming up to get some wood for crafting. And I had my friend Barbara here, it was her birthday, in the house. Of course Christopher wasn’t home.

I went outside to Becky into the corrals. Hope, the horse, was just chillen and all the goats were in the back quarter. I was collecting my eggs for the day while Becky was getting in her truck. The only instructions I gave her was Not to let Hope out. Being cold my chickens having been laying that many eggs but on this day I had 30 in my shirt all excited that the better weather was coming and there goes Hope right out of the gate.

Poor Becky is not an animal lover. She has been here multiple times but just doesn’t have that love for them. I tried running after Hope with my basket shirt not really doing any good so I went in the house dropped of my eggs and headed out back to see what was happening.

It didn’t take long to find Hope she was on the outside of the fence in the back quarter close to the goat. On a side note she loves those goats. She really enjoys being with them, and doesn’t like when they go to places she can’t. I walk down to where they all are with Lily by my side and they see me coming. My little herd headed back home before I even got there. While doing this I’m thinking How in Thee Hell am I gonna catch this horse.

Well come to find out I didn’t have to. The goats headed home and so did Hope. I never appreciated how beautiful a horse was until that moment. She started running free through the high grass and her hair was flowing behind her and I just kept thinking WOW!!

Hope took this little shortcut back to the corrals through the backyard under a tree so I took her same path. As I am thinking still how am I gonna catch this horse I see my little Clyde, the chicken, under the tree. Yes I talk to my animals and I was having a little conversation with her that went like this.

“Whatcha doin back here Clyde? This isn’t your normal spot. Oh I see you are eating something. Whatcha eatin? Oh Kaety, goat, you are behind the tree. Whatcha doing behind the tree? (Katie turns around OOOhhhhhhh afterbirth) OMG OMG Did you just have a baby. Where’s your baby, Where’s your baby?”

So yes the frantic switch is now turned on. I start looking all over for this baby. Now I know I am not the brightest of bulbs most days but there that baby was not 2 steps away from me, just laying in the grass in a little tiny pile. I pick it up immediately to find out if it is alive and it’s the tinyest little goat I have EVER seen. Even for Mini’s. She couldn’t be more than 2 pounds. I know I am suppose to stay calm, that they can all sense my craziness but at that point all hell Had broken loose.

At this moment Katie dropped the rest of her afterbirth. Which started a fight between Lily and Clyde to get to it first. Katie is just worried about her baby so it’s this 4 way mess with no one really knowing what’s going on. Lily of course won she snatched up the afterbirth and took off running. And Clyde gave up and went on with her day. I now have this little baby in my arms and Hope is still out.

I’m yelling for Barbara who I guess is in Birthday Bliss inside the house without a clue what is going on. Becky comes over and tries to help and I hand her this little baby. Poor Girl!

And that Hope. That girl just went right inside once the goats were in, then just stayed calm like no adventure had just happened. Since I had already disturbed the poor mama and baby I knew they needed to be in a jug so I could check things out better. I put the baby in the Jug and here comes Lily again to Protect her. I tried to lure Katie in with some grain which in turn caused the entire herd to come over. I picked up Kaety and carried her into the barn.

As soon as I put her down she ran away. OK so now I have to get baby back into the jug. Put her in an go pick up Kaety again. Finally get them both inside and all checked out. Made sure she was latching on good and that everything was as it should be and gave Kaety her afterbirth treats. My goodness what a day.

I headed back into the house and informed Barbara that we just had a new baby, as she had no clue what at all has been happening and since it was her birthday and since she was there I was naming her after her. Well these names just pop out of my mouth and Babs it now was. What a precious little princess she is. She is as healthy as can be and up and jumping around already.