My big man baby has a cold, so I put him down for a nap. I’ve got the house all to myself with peace and quiet. Not sure what to do with myself. This doesn’t happen too often so I figured I’d make the best use of it and hop on here.

I guess I better get started telling everyone about cows before we are up to our ears in them. This area is an Ag area. Which means everyone is all about the farm or ranch. I made the mistake of calling our neighbor a farmer once. He is such a kind and patient man but I’m pretty sure if anyone else had said that to him he may have punched him. I had to break down and ask him the difference because I really didn’t know.

A farmer works the land and a rancher works with animals. I guess it’s an insult to mix up the two. I promptly reported this information back to the friends and family from New York because I know none of them knew. Well we call ourselves farmers but we certainly don’t work the land so we must be ranchers.

We have some good friends who are ranchers. The neighbor of course and my friends Linda and Jerry. We have learned a bunch from them since we started out here. Not on purpose of course but you kinda just fall into it. They all laugh at me but we are about to WOW them with our skills.


I want to call all beef I eat cows but that is so far away from correct. I used to say a baby girl or a mama girl or a boy with balls or without balls. Because they all have different names and it’s a very important part of ranching to know the difference for many reasons. One helps you not spend too much money when you don’t have too.

So let me break down the basics. All babies are calves. Boy babies are steers and girl babies are heifers. Cows are girls that have given birth and bulls still have their balls. It is also important to note 1st time moms. They have their own section when giving birth.

If you haven’t figured out by now that I spend a lot of time online trolling here is a great example. I found a post for a great price for a steer and heifer calf. In the same town that we live in. I knew the girl a little bit and decided to finally let Christopher have some cattle. I figured this would make the perfect practice cattle for me. Get us use to some ranching stuff.


So that night Sonny and Cher came home with us. Poor Cher didn’t make it 3 days. Sonny though he was a little tougher. He was so playful and friendly and went into the barn with all the goats and some chickens. Christopher made him his own little pen with his own heat source and everything, but he wanted to be over with the baby goats and mamas.

As I am learning bottle feeding a calf is not like bottle feeding any other animals. They will eat and eat and eat and make their little bellies too full. Which can cause problems. So Christopher created a super boob.


The super boob is a heated bucket on it with nipples. This allows the calves to eat whenever they like so they don’t have to worry about their bellies getting to full. And at night it stays nice and warm. I did enjoy feeding these babies but it really is better for them to eat when they want.

Now I have learned some of the information I’m about to say After the fact but it is now learned. Sonny and Cher were Holstein. When I proceeded to tell both the neighbor and Jerry about our endeavors they both say Aww. I guess Holsteins are not the best way to practice. They are much harder to keep alive than most other animals for lots of reasons.

Next, I learned about the sale barn. Both of these little ones were purchased from a sale barn. Sale barns can be a place people take animals they don’t want for whatever reason. And then the reason is now your problem. Disclaimer is no not all animals bought at a sale barn have problems. But you just don’t know.

I find myself wanting to give all the animals that live at my home the best life they can have while on this earth. However not everyone lives up to those standards. Christopher went out to feed one cold morning and Sonny was close to dead. He brought him inside and we spent the next 2 days trying to nurse him back to health.

He got a warm bath and had warm blankets that got heated in my dryer then changed out every half hour. He had his own personal heater. Special food treats. He got cuddled as Christopher and I took turns lying on the floor with him to warm him up.

Unfortunately we lost Sonny that 2nd night. We tried everything I could read online. I took better care of him than I am doing to poor Christopher right now who is pretty much on his own. Well I will cuddle with Christopher later, right now I have some chores to do and some animals to love on.