I was worried Belle was getting worked to hard with all this land and that she had to much to protect.  I sure do wish she could speak words to me and just give me all the answers. Well since she can’t I have to guess. I guessed she needed a friend. I started looking at rescues after all Belle came from another home and look how perfect she is.

I signed up for bunches of rescue places. Filled out the pages and pages of paperwork required and we didn’t even get one message back. I finally found out the answer why. Because we live on a big beautiful ranch. I guess we aren’t the best kind of home for a giant breed outside dog. Who Knew.

Livestock guarding dogs are very special and I have found 2 types of people that own them. The first type is like us who believe that their natural instincts should be encouraged and embraced. The other type believes everything We do is wrong. The 2nd type believes that these dogs should be house pets and it’s too dangerous for them to be outside. I can’t imagine having enough room in my home for them.

The actual ad online for Lily


Well it just so happens that this 2nd type are the ones that run the rescue groups. Well Shit. I’ve done my research I swear. I know what I am doing at this point. I thought I had all the answers. Nope. But luckily, I see a post online. Great Pyrenees Anatolian Mix puppies. Next town over. $200! Well Hot Damn.

Well not only had we never owned a dog before we certainly hadn’t owned a puppy before. What in Thee hell were We gonna do with a puppy. Again back to the research. Well the internet says that Belle will take her under her wing and take care of her. Super. Sure let’s try that.

So I made the arrangements and we got Belle on her Leash (Horse Rope) and off we went to check out a new puppy. 1.2 seconds. That’s how long it took me to fall in love with Lily. And of course her name just popped right out of my mouth. She was coming home with us no doubt about it. Well we did all the right things. We got Belle out and let her decide who she liked. Good thing she chose Lily too.

Belle meeting Lily the first time


  What a special breed these creatures are. I was so nervous. I didn’t know what in the heck to do. We brought Lily to town with us that day and showed her around. I knew from all my research that she wouldn’t be little for long so we took the day to just enjoy her. When we got home we played for a while then just like the internet said left her with Belle to show her the ways.

And I’ll be if that internet wasn’t right. We put a collar on Lily but only used a leash for some leash training. She never had to actually have it on. We watched out the windows at night to see what all was happening and it was the cutest thing you ever did see. Lily had her place on the porch while Belle was out on patrol.

Lily was a couple weeks old when we heard the noise. She was starting to “work” and she had the cutest little growl and bark (squeak) you ever did hear. Then during the day she was wide awake while Belle resting and she just followed us around wherever we went. Then in the evening she went right back to her spot on the porch.

Lily at 3 months old


At about 5 months or so Lily came into her own. She at this point had a full fledged bark that could scare the daylights right outta ya. She was starting to patrol with Belle for a while but now she was doing her own missions. Man they grow up quick, but she was still my baby.

One day we spent the day away from home working. When we got home both the girls were gone. I FREAKED out. I never understood all those crazy dog people on the local fb groups until this time. I was positive that someone has come by and stolen my dogs. I put out an all points on fb and everyone in a 100 miles radius were looking for our girls.

I was sick, I couldn’t sleep, I was a hot mess until the next morning when we got a call from another neighbors many miles away saying that they had found them. There was no way that these girls had ran that far that quick……..Right?

Fast forward another month or so and my little troublemakers run to the neighbors every chance they get. They are currently taking turns being on a leash until we can figure something better out. It’s only when they are together. But as soon as they are together Boom. Off they go.

Just yesterday I had them both off leash for a no more than a few minutes and I turn and where are they. We take off in the pickup and they are miles. I mean seriously miles away just running through the field tails a waggin. Well I will let you all know what we get figured out. But I do always welcome suggestions.