Come to find out this Blog thing takes a ton of work. I wanted to wait until I had all the categories and pictures all up and pretty before I officially published, but at this point that may take me a few months or longer. I just have so much to tell everyone.

Some of the topics I am going to be writing about are our wonderful homestead, the history of it and updates on all the work we are putting into it to get it to where it is perfect again.  Cooking and canning of course and my adventures doing it. Our wonderful animals and how much they enrich our lives. The adventures we have at Chance’s Thrift will surely entertain you. Raw diets and the garden experience. And things of that nature.

I’m really not totally sure how the whole process is suppose to happen, so I will just do some random chit chatting now and again to try and help tie it all together. I would love to see some comments on what you all would like to see first and I would happily take suggestions on anything you think I am missing.

I am still working out the navigation on here. I remember getting the best interviewing advice EVER. I haven’t had a real job in a while but I’m guessing every interviewer still asks your strengths and weaknesses. My answer always was and always will be the same and true. My bigness weakness is not being able to keep up with all the new computer programs and all the new technology.

Another issue I am working out is the different devices to read this on. I have worked on my Droid phone, my iPad and my laptop. Each of them has a completely different display format. I am doing my best to get that fixed up nice.