Tom the Turkey

Yeah, yeah I know real original. But it stuck. Spring 2015 we had a couple of goats and some chicks inside. I was getting antsy when I saw an ad online for some free birds in Yuma, Christopher’s hometown. There was 2 turkeys, 4 chickens, 2 ducks and a rooster. How perfect. So we loaded up with Papa and Grandma to go get our new flock.

Now Christopher had put his foot down right in the beginnig with ducks. NO DUCKS he said. His mom had some when he was little and he didn’t care for them. OK no problem, I knew a girl who had been looking for ducks. Problem solved.

We got to the home where they were and they were all beautiful. I had never seen a turkey up close before. They were big and loud. I wasn’t sure how it was all gonna work out getting all these animals together for transport. Come to find out we all were running around trying to chicken wrangle. If only we had a video I’m sure we would have won a bunch of money.